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From the wide range of our products we would like to single out generator housings and transformer housings, steel structures, galvanized gratings, metal moulds, spark arresters, mufflers, heat exchangers and fuel tanks.

We are especially proud of creating machines for processing granite and marble, which are the result of our team of experts' years of work. We are able to fully equip the stone masonry workshops. The quality and robustness of our machines stand side by side with renowned European manufacturers.

An important part of our portfolio are sheet bending machines, gantry and cantilever cranes. We constantly invest in training our employees, purchasing modern equipment, introducing new technologies, not forgetting the safety and health of workers at work.


Kalmana Mesarića 26,
40323 PRELOG

tel: +385 (40) 645-344 +385 (40) 645-324
Fax:+385 40 645-408 +385 40 646-105


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