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Muffler -  Spark arrester PS 10

Intended to be installed on propulsion and auxiliary propulsion motors with internal combustion engines, liquid fuel fired boilers and for other internal combustion engines where there is a need to increase building security and protection against fire and environmental protection.

Muffler – Silencer – type PP 15, PP 25, PP 35

They are designed for mounting on the exhaust pipe of internal combustion engines to reduce engine exhaust noise, and thus the noise around engines or a building.


  1. Engine type
  2. Engine power (kW)
  3. Engine speed (r/min)
  4. The amount of exhaust gas (kg/kWh)
  5. Exhaust gas temperature (°C)
  6. The diameter of  the exhaust pipe (mm)
  7. Necessary noise reduction in dB (A)


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