Granite grinder STYLUS PROFILE

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Granite grinder STYLUS PROFILE is intended for grinding and polishing   edges of granite and marble slabs of 10-120 mm thickness.

In case of flat grinding, quality high speed polishing is possible up to 80mm thickness and with curved grinding to 150mm. In case of flat grinding it is possible to adjust the tilt angle from 0° to 180°, and with curved grinding it is possible to adjust radius curves from 5 – 80 mm. For precise positioning of heavy stone slabs to the delimiter (up to 1000 kg mass) a lift rotary table equipped with an air cylinder is used to raise the board above the table surface.

It is possible to process the edges straight, curved or combining these shapes:

The maximum length of grinding 3000 mm
Minimum width of paving stones 180 (130) mm
Stone thickness 10 – 150 mm
Grinding radius 5 – 80 mm
Speed of longitudinal feed (continuous speed control) 2 – 20 m / min
Table lenth 4000 mm
Table width 1200 mm
Payload of lift rotary table 1000 kg
Tool  (grinding wheel) diameter 100, 130 mm
Installed power of the machine 2,4 kW
Electrical connection 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz, 16 A
Access to water for cooling 3 bar, 6 l / min
Compressed air connection 7 bar
Weight Approx. 2500 kg
Required size of working space Min 5.5 m x 3.5 m


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