Quick Form TP – 700 Granite Band saw

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Band saw Quick Form (TP – 700) is used for cutting granite or marble slabs up to 200 mm thick (in  some cases thicker), primarily for making circular and irregular arc cuts. With related equipment it provides three ways of cutting:

  • cutting round plates or round holes, and arched peripheral shapes using the central rod
  • cutting  irregular shapes by copying the previously drawn pattern
  • free cutting per the defined curve in a granite plate

A cutting tool used is a diamond lane – rope with diamond grains of 8 mm in diameter and  3600 mm developed length. The cutting tool is driven by the integrated three phase squirrel cage induction 2.2 kW motor, whose speed is adjusted by a frequency regulator. Cooling water is supplied through a ball valve which is also used to adjust the amount of water.  

Maximum Grip (cutting depth) for 25 mm thick panel 750 mm
Maximum Grip (cutting depth) for 125 mm thick panel 700 mm
Min. diameter Ø 550 mm
Max. diameter Ø 3050 mm
Max. Radius of  arched neck 1525 mm
Max. thickness of cut plates 300 mm
Tip speed cutting 0 – 30 m / s
Diamond tool dimensions Ø 8 x 3600 mm
Access to water for cooling 2 bar, 6 l / min
Electrical connection 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz, 6 A
Installed power 2.2 kW
Weight 420 kg


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