Grinding ALFA2

Grinding  „KOMET alpha“ is used for planning and grinding – polishing granite and marble slabs. Due to the small size and simple design it is primarily suited for reparing, finishing headstones, polishing shaped stone blocks and drilling with diamond crowns. Grinder is equipped with a rubber flange connection (M20 – snail ) for grinders  up to Ø 150 mm and joint head of the grinding wheel Ø 200,Ø 250 (the glue).

Action radius of grinding wheel spindle Max 2000 mm, min 550 mm
Vertical travel of the machine along the guides 500 mm
Vertical stroke of quill of engine 200 mm
Speed of main engine (grinding wheel) 400 – 1350 /min
Main engine (at 920 / min and 60 % of plants) 6.0 kW
Engine power for the vertical stroke 0,55 kW
Regulation of force pressing the grinding wheel Preasure regulator on the keyboard
Installed capacity of the machine 6.5 kW
Electrical connection 3 x400 V, 50 Hz, 16 A
Connection to the cooling water 3 bar, 6 l / min
Cooling water intake Centrally trough the main engine
Compressed air connection 7 bar
Weight 650 kg (basic version)
Grinding wheel diameter Ø 150 (connection „the snail“) Ø 200, Ø 250 or glued (available in Drop Head)


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