Environmental policy



The environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 was introduced to achieve the highest possible level of environmental management in the aspects that we can influence.

We are committed to protecting the environment at all locations where we conduct our activities of production, transportation or construction as well as  our services in accordance with nature, range and environmental impact of our own activities or services.

Our primary environmental influence is related to the impact on soil, water and air, and the management of waste.

Being aware of the importance of the environment we are committed to pursue policy of environmental management that includes:

  • Compliance and accountability in environmental protection for this and the next generations
  • The application of process and surveillance technologies in order to reduce the emissions to the minimum extent possible
  • Compliance with the valid  law requirements and contracts and setting internal standards and requirements when necessary,
  • Continuous improvement and pollution prevention,
  • to implement corrective actions that have proved effective when appropriate
  • Strive and continually improve environmental management system.

Environmental management system is based on the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and applicable laws and regulations in Croatia. Built environmental management system will be maintained with the help of competent, neutral and internationally recognized certification organization.

Company management fully supports the policy and environmental objectives.

It is the duty of every employee in the company to apply procedures that relate to his or her area.

Prelog,11 October 2008

Dražen Sinko, dipl.ing.


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