About us

Komet Ltd was founded in 1992. Its main activity is manufacturing steel structions, galvanized gratings, silencers and spark arresters, channel recuperators, machines for processing granite and marble, pipelines, generator housings and transformer tanks.

Great deal of production is intended for international market. We own certificate ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007., awarded by certificate company SGS, ISO 3834-3 and AD 2000.

We are placed on 25000 m², where 8000 m² is production space and 2000 m² storage space. Komet Ltd employs 158 workers at the moment and 12 of them have a university degree.

Most of the profit is invested in further development such as  buying modern equipment, building new objects and all that is aimed at increasing productivity, number of employees and their salaries.

We promote responsibility, accuracy and punctuality as well as honest, cultured and fair approach to all our business partners. Komet deals in a sustainable way, aims to create new values and takes care of employees, environment, and social community in which it operates.

We have been awarded the Gold marten for the best company in Međimurje twice and once the “Most successful small business” awarded by Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship of Croatia.


Kalmana Mesarića 26,
40323 PRELOG

tel: +385 (40) 645-344 +385 (40) 645-324
Fax:+385 40 645-408 +385 40 646-105

e-mail: info@komet.hr

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